Why is the delivery date of LCD screen delayed near the Spring Festival

The delivery time of the conventional LCD screen is about 30 days, but why the delay in the delivery time near the Spring Festival? The main problem is that a lot of workers want to go home early for the Spring Festival, and there will be a shortage of workers in various processes. In addition, there will be some early and late holidays for the suppliers such as a polarizer, stitching and UV pins that we need in the production of LCD display screens, and the delivery time will be delayed.

The product delivery will be delayed before the Spring Festival. How about just going to work after the Spring Festival? Some workers cannot go to work on time, and some even quit their jobs, so there will be a short-term delay in delivery. Therefore, if the LCD screen display goods are planned for use after the Spring Festival, we should prepare the goods in advance before the Spring Festival, and make a plan for the delivery delay.

The article source: https://www.stoneitech.com/


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